Warwick Bridge Corn Mill update December 2018


The month has seen good progress with external stonework repairs, helped by the favourable weather. Joinery repairs continued apace and the millwrights have been busy completing the fitting of new buckets and sole plates to the waterwheel.



        Sean, Site Manager, guiding consolidation work in progress on the south gable of the barn


       Jon drilling bolt holes in one of the new sole plates



             New buckets in place and sole plates, forming the inside of the buckets, partially completed              (top left)



              Work commencing on felting and fixing battens for the new slate roof for the barn


Excavation work to underpin the partition wall on the south side of the ground floor store revealed bedrock at no great depth and additional trial pits were dug to inform future drainage excavations required in this area. The test pit against the south wall revealed mortared stone and brickwork and was expanded to determine its full extent, which corresponded with the blocked in flue cut into the east wall and presumably represents the base of the fireplace or perhaps a small range which stood against this wall.


          The base of a fireplace projecting below the brick blocking in the east wall of the store


Forming the jambs for the new door opening between the barn and the upper floor of the extension, above the store, revealed the brickwork of the fireplace flue, which is cut into the older barn wall.



The blocking brickwork of the flue cut into the barn wall can be seen to the left of the new doorway