Warwick Bridge Mill progress update July 2018


The millwrights have continued their good work ahead of the main contract, forming the timber structure of the control gate from Elm.

Two sets of French Burr stones have been dressed (the worn "lands" and "furrows" of the grinding surface re-cut to the correct profile) for re-use. One set had been re-faced with carborundum (silicon carbide).


Neil cutting out the slots in new control gate timbers which will allow the water to feed onto the wheel


Work in progress on installing the new control gate timbers


New control gate timbers in place. The narrow upper slots allow a thin stream of water to start to fill the buckets and the wider lower slots allowed more water to complete the fill as the wheel rotated.


The gearing of the vertical drive shafts, which take power up through the mill to work the equipment on the Garner Floor, was cleaned and inspected.


Cleaning the gearing on the Stone Floor which transfers power to the Garner Floor above


Karen has been very busy sorting and packing loose items from the mill for storage during the main contract. All sorts of gems have been revealed, including bits of social history such as a small tin for the galena crystal used in making simple radio receivers, known as "Crystal sets", in the early days of radio broadcasting.


Operations base for the inventory and packing up work on the Stone Floor


Some vegetation clearance and recording was undertaken on the upper courses of the escape weir and the invasive Himalayan Balsam weeded from the watercourses.


The main contract has started with site set up and protection works well underway to the remaining machinery within the mill.


The millstones will be protected with plastic sheeting during the main contract works


Since this picture was taken the stones have been further protected by a timber hoarding, which also serves as an additional storage area for large items.

Scaffolding was erected to allow access to the walls of the mill and the roof of the barn.


Scaffolding on the barn allowing access for inspection of the stonework