Warwick Bridge Mill progress update Feb 2018


The closing months of 2017 saw activity on the site with Neil Medcalf of Traditional Millwrights Ltd busy stripping the corroded wrought iron buckets and sole plates from the wheel for replacement when the wheel pit was not flooded!


Neil starting to remove the first buckets 14 Sept

Neil starting to remove the first of the buckets. The original square headed nuts have not been moved for something like 170 years and are taking some persuading!


Harry Beamish, the archaeologist tasked with recording the ground works elements of the project, has been busy with visits to the archives in Carlisle to gather further information on the site; to the NECT offices to capture information from the project files and on site recording some of the external areas - also between floods! An initial look at the barn range which runs southwards from the mill building has revealed surviving elements of a threshing machine which was driven by belting from the mill and would have been a useful addition to the nineteenth century operations, allowing unthreshed grain to be processed.


annotated Barn thresher

Looking north in the barn with the wall of the mill in the background. Note the elevated "stage" at the north end of the barn. The overhead line shafting and pulleys served the threshing machine below. B belt slot in the mill wall. P pulley wheels, poss. from the thresher. J&T surviving joinery.